Individualized Personal Training involves one-on-one training with you and your dog. These sessions are ideal for pets with
socialization problems that prevent them from interacting with other animals or with other behavioral issues that require more
focused attention. Sessions run by the hour; length is determined by desired goals.

This is a five week basic training course. While dogs of all ages are welcome, this course is commonly taken during a dog¹s
adolescence (approximately 4 months ­ 1 year). During this stage, your dog becomes more independent and self-confident as it
establishes its identity. Negative behaviors that were not addressed with your puppy will be magnified during the adolescent
stage, and learning to communicate effectively with your dog continues to be critical. This is a time of frustration for most
owners. This class will help you understand how your current interactions may incite or encourage negative behaviors in your
dog ­ often the slightest changes can correct a large number of behavior problems. The commands heel, sit, down, stay and
come are introduced during this course. Socialization is an important part of this class and is crucial in helping your dog
become confidant and secure. Minimum age for this course is 4 months.

This four week course fine-tunes the skills learned in the Basic I class. Your dog will learn to focus for longer periods of time
and to listen without you having to repeat commands so frequently. Distractions will be introduced to make the work more
challenging for both you and your dog. The stay and come commands will be used in a more realistic manner, similar to what
may happen in a home or park environment. Some off-leash work and agility equipment will be introduced.

This six-week course can feel more like an amusement park than instruction for you and your dog - and it's an ideal opportunity
to include members of the entire family.  With your help, your dog will navigate through tunnels, weave poles, tires and over the
see-saw, A-Frame, dog walk and hurdles.  Agility class is an excellent way to develop your dog's dexterity, confidence and  
trust in you through challenging and unfamiliar obstacles. Agility offers a balance between both physical and mental stimulation
that your dog needs to thrive.
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