For people who have limited time and availability, Pet professor has a new option that can help even the
busiest pet owners.  We are now offering Phone Consultations.  Phone consults are great for people just
starting out with their pups and require basic information. They are advantageous for owners who need
pointers on basic commands, potty and crate training, jumping and common behavioral issues that don't
require in-person sessions.  Phone Consultations can also provide important information to people who
have had previous training and desire additional methods, opinions and schools-of-thought.

For more information, a no-charge initial phone conversation or email will determine if Phone Consultations
can be beneficial. Then the date and amount of time requested can be established.  Give it a try.  We'd love  
to hear from you!

Phone consultation fees are as follows:

  15 minutes - $20        

  30 minutes - $35        

  45 minutes - $50       

  1 hour - $60

All fees must be paid in advance via PayPal in order for your phone consult to take place. Please use the
links above for more information or to submit your payment.
Pet Professor Training That Fits Your Busy Schedule
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