Obedience Lessons  For Dogs AND Their Owners
MY DOG walks me on the leash!
MY DOG won¹t come when called!
MY DOG jumps on people!
MY DOG chews and bites everything!

These are the four most common complaints expressed by dog owners. Ironically, owners sometimes promote these
behaviors through their interactions with their pets. When a new dog joins your household, you might be inclined to
overlook initial misbehaviors. It¹s easy to do when you are distracted by the cuteness of your newly adopted pet. This
is where problems often begin.

If specific boundaries are not immediately established and reinforced, your dog may challenge you to establish its
position in the relationship ­ frequently testing you to see what he or she can get away with. Uncorrected, these
behaviors lead to your dog feeling and acting like the dominant force in the relationship. A situation based on lack of
mutual respect can make interaction with your pet very uncomfortable both in and out of your home environment.

But don¹t worry! While it is ideal to start off on the right track with your new pet, even established behaviors can be

Pet Professor¹s main goal is to provide you with a better understanding of how dogs communicate and interpret your
interactions. You can then interact with them in a manner in which they understand. Using basic understanding and
effective communication, you will develop a healthy relationship with your dog that will lead to a long, happy life

Pet Professor understands that owners¹ needs vary and takes great pride in insuring that your personal needs are
met in whatever program you choose. Group classes are kept small to assure individual attention. Full families are
welcome to attend, including children of all ages.

Pet professor offers a variety of services for dog owners in the Somerset County and surrounding areas of New
Jersey.  These services include Dog Obedience Classes, Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, Private Training and Behavioral

Pet Professor is owned and operated by Jamie Levin, a Certified Master Trainer since 1993.  She is committed to
enhancing the relationship between dogs and their owners through obedience work, education and care.
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