Who Is Pet Professor?

Jamie Levin, Owner of Pet Professor graduated
from National K-9 in Ohio where she became a
Certified Master Trainer with expertise in
Obedience, Tracking, Search and Rescue,
Personal Protection and Retrieval. She has been
working in the animal field since 1987,
beginning as a veterinary technician. Ms. Levin
is a member of The Association of Pet Dog
Trainers, Inc. (APDT). She furthers her education
and stays current with industry knowledge
through continuing education in animal
behavior and welfare, taught by some of the
leading veterinary behaviorists and trainers. As
an animal specialist, she understands that
industry-preferred methods and schools of
thought change, and strives to understand and
learn new ideas, methods and techniques.

"My niche?  It’s training dogs
and masters to live together
in the intimacy I covet, too.
Fulfillment for a time
and time again...that's life."
"Over the last 7 years that we have known Jamie, we have taken her dog training classes, used her doggie day care and
babysitting services for our two dogs. She has been incredibly helpful to us in correcting any behavioral problems that
occurred over the years with our dogs. Some of  these were very challenging, but she offered creative advice and consistent
techniques, to use with them and they worked every time. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, effective in her training
and has genuine warmth toward the animals. We feel very fortunate that  we have her as our trainer and friend."
Suzanne M, Warren, NJ